Ridge Route Views

Since we can’t go on the road, at least for now, why not see it through photos? I have a large collection of photos I’ve taken of the road over the years and love to share. Tell us what your favorite point on the Ridge Route is? Mine is the section between Reservoir Summit and the Tumble Inn. It has some of the best concrete and views along the entire road. It is also far away from any other road, allowing for the ability to just stop and relax, hearing nothing but nature.

6 thoughts on “Ridge Route Views”

  1. Really liked the photos. Keep ’em coming! I’ve loved this road since Russ Leadabrand wrote about it in the LA Times back in the 1966 or 1967 byline he had.

  2. Loved all the photos. Just fasinated with the road,
    Carol Tenda

  3. Great pictures…like them all but the one with the three routes is a storyboard in itself….

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