Changes to the RRPO

Greetings all,

There have been some changes recently regarding the Ridge Route Preservation Organization. Due to some unexpected circumstances, we have a new president. I, Michael Ballard, was elected to become the new president of the RRPO. I look forward to leading the group and will continue our struggle to preserve and protect the roadway. I plan to be meeting with many different groups in the near future to help further our cause and get more people involved. Harrison Scott, the former president of the group, will still be involved. We do thank him for all he has done and his continuing contributions to our collective effort are always welcomed and appreciated.

One thought on “Changes to the RRPO”

  1. This is terribly cryptic! What has happened? What are the unexpected changes and what makes them unexpected? This has been Harrison’s love for years. He’s put his heart and soul into this group. My college roommate (from the ’60s) and I were a part of the clean up crew a couple of times and enjoyed the experience. His books are wonderful sources of information. Why has he been replaced? What are the “unfortunate circumstance?” I only hope he isn’t ill!

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