In addition to working on getting the roadway open from Templin Highway to the Tumble Inn, we want to address some issues on the County maintained sections as well.

  1. Add “Not A Through Road” signs at both ends to dissuade through travelers, specifically large trucks.
  2. Add weight restrictions to the portion of the Ridge Route from Castaic approximately 0.5 miles north of Shadow Lake Ln to State 138.
  3. Add “Road Closed Ahead X.X Miles” signage in Castaic at Lake Hughes Road and in Neenach at State 138.

These will be done in concert with opening the roadway. While this signage may show it is closed, it will go a long way toward reducing unnecessary through traffic which is generally detouring around a congested or closed I-5.

If you want to help with this project, please let us know. We may have to circulate a petition to further this effort and any help we can get is welcome.

Progress Update 7/2021:

We have submitted an initial request for signage and it is currently being investigated by Los Angeles County Public Works to determine if it is possible. This process does take a while. No ETA as yet for completion.

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