Road Reports

While the RRPO is dedicated to preserving and protecting the Ridge Route, we don’t always have a chance to get onto the road. We strongly encourage you to send us reports as to road conditions along the route. I live in San Diego, another of our board members live in the Bakersfield area.

So, if you have traveled the road recently, send us a report of conditions. We want to know what you saw, what the road was like, and if the gates were open. Did you see any signs that were new? Perhaps there was some vandalism? Please let us know. We intend to include this information in our reports to the Forest Service to help us get this road open and in better repair.

5 thoughts on “Road Reports”

  1. That still leaves the question of who the settlement was for. They have to be fixing the road for someone. When the federal issue is resolved I plan to make calls to the USFS.

  2. Jack and I were told by an archaeologist, who we met on the road, that the oil company that had the big problem on the road had to pay for it in a court settlement. That was the first of November.

  3. Thanks for the comment. It was granite construction. If I am up there again, I will ask the foreman who is paying them.

  4. The work is being done by Granite Construction as far as we know. We are still trying to determine who is paying for it. It may bode well for us if it is the USFS.

  5. I went to the section between Templin Hwy and the 138 on Thursday, January 3, 2019. The gate was open and I rode about 2 miles. Someone was repairing the road and the workers suggested I not continue my ride. We counted at least 5 big dump trucks. I think someone is finally working on the road.

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