Roadway Monuments

Monument at the View Service Station location

Monuments were placed along the roadway at nine points of historical interest in late 1997 by the California 4×4 Club and Boy Scout Troop 583 (Castaic) under the direction of the Ridge Route Preservation Organization. These monuments were placed to help get the Ridge Route added as a Forest Scenic Byway. The locations were at the View Service Station, National Forest Inn, Swede’s Cut, Reservoir Summit, Kelly’s Halfway Inn, Tumble Inn, Liebre Summit, Liebre State Highway Camp, and Sandberg’s Summit Hotel. The original panels faded or were otherwise damaged and were replaced. Unfortunately, these new panels faded even quicker and have since been vandalized or stolen.

Presently, we are only seeking to replace the panels but not install them. Any replacements of these monuments must comply with USFS standards, the requirements for the Scenic Byway designation, and the original text/photos. These have already been approved by the Angeles National Forest. Modifying the approved sign legends may jeopardize their approval and such changes are not being sought at this time. We also believe that installing any new panels at this time would be problematic as many would be vandalized due to the remoteness of their locations and lack of traffic due to the roadway still being mostly closed.

We will be working to raise funds for these panels in the near future, once we get an idea of how much a new set will cost. If you are interested in helping us with this project, let us know.

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