New YouTube Channel

We have a new YouTube channel, where we will post videos on all sorts of topics, such as our CUTRR events, roadway conditions, and much more. It will also have links to videos by others, which showcase the roadway in various states of repair as well as from different perspectives. Videos not made by the RRPO don’t necessarily reflect our views and may not contain complete or accurate information about the roadway. Please check it out and let us know if you have a video you’d like us to add to the list!

2 thoughts on “New YouTube Channel”

  1. It does mention it indeed. Still can’t beat “Ridge Route”. The new road was still called that even in 1965. The name lasted until the late 1970’s.

  2. Very cool. Johnny Bond also covered “Hot Rod Lincoln”, later made famous by Commander Cody, which mentions The Grapevine,

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