May 2019 Update

There has been some positive movement regarding progress on the Ridge Route lately. We are presently working with the USFS to update and renegotiate our Memorandum of Understanding, so that we can go back up on the road to clear the drains and remove rocks from the road. We also have a meeting coming up with USFS Forest Supervisor with the Angeles National Forest in early June. I am looking forward to this meeting, which I think will be productive and good learning experience for all.

We also recently received the documents requested regarding the 2010 roadway paving, which has been quite enlightening. I plan to post that information in the near future.

The roadway remains closed at this time. As stated in the past, if you find either gate open, you pass at your own risk. The gate may be locked behind you. Always use caution along any portion of the road, as there may be rocks, animals, other people, reinforcing bar, and other hazards.

I will post another update after the meeting with the Forest Supervisor.

5 thoughts on “May 2019 Update”

  1. This is good news. Glad to hear they are meeting with you and there is positive movement. Thank you for your hard efforts on this.

  2. It would be just wonderful to have the Ridge Route open again. Thank you so much for continuing to try. I’m glad someone took over the task for “Scotty” Harrison Scott and I hope he is doing well! Best wishes!

  3. Appreciate all your effort to see this project get its deserved restoration!

  4. Thank you so much for the update. It sounds like a hopeful future for being able to travel the route again. It sure would be nice

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