CUTRR and How to Keep Informed

While we don’t have an event date set yet, we are hoping we will be able to hold a work party (Clean Up The Ridge Route or CUTRR) late August or September. I’d like earlier, but summer heat makes it tougher and it is a lot of work in the exposed sunshine.

If you’d like to help or stay informed, not just regarding events like CUTRR but any updates on the Ridge Route, please use the “Subscribe” option on the right-hand side of the site. You’ll be informed any time there is a new post to this site. At this time, we don’t have a separate e-mail list set up, so subscribing is by far the best way to keep in the loop.

2 thoughts on “CUTRR and How to Keep Informed”

  1. It is with a great deal of sadness that I will be leaving Southern California for Colorado. The history of California has been a passion of mine since I was in college (USC) in the 1960’s, living down there in Los Angeles and looking for reasons to not spend weekends studying. Just recently, in going through one of my many boxes of clippings out in the garage in preparation for moving, I came across one of the articles that first introduced me to the Ridge Route. It was the second one written by Russ Leadabrand which I have kept. I have yet to find the first one, but it’s there…somewhere. I drove the Ridge Route a number of times, alone or with my dog of the time as companion. A college roommate and I were a part of a couple of the clean up crews with Scotty a number of years ago. The men who did all the heavy lifting were quite welcoming, but she and I did do a bit of work, too. I do wish to be kept updated on the progress the RRPO is able to make and I really hope that the roadway will be opened again in the near future, even though I won’t be able to drive it again. Leaving California after living here for over 70 years is really quite hard. I had hoped to be able to see the Ridge Route one more time. My photos will just have to do. Best of wishes to all involved in this endeavor!

  2. Hey Michael, appreciate your update and please keep them coming! Having traversed the Ridge Route more times than I can remember I have always been fascinated with the “Old Road,Templin Hwy, etc.” and have ridden most all of those roads (via m-cycle). No idea why but always interested in historical routes. Keep up the great work!!

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