Current Roadway Conditions and Status

Sand and debris over the roadway near the Liebre Maintenance Station site

The Ridge Route is open from State 138 to the Tumble Inn at the north end, and from approximately one mile north of Templin Highway to Castaic at the south end. The central portion remains closed to all motor vehicle traffic. Walking, bicycling, and horseback riding are allowed. The roadway is not open for through travel from State 138 to Castaic.

Use caution on the northern end between Sandberg and Liebre Maintenance Camp site as there are many rock slides and other debris covering the roadway. All open sections are traversable by two-wheel drive automobiles with average clearance. If you find the gate open at either end, do not expect the other gate to be open. The default position of the gate is closed at this time. Travel ONLY at your own risk.

During the rainy season, travel is not recommended along the Ridge Route from Templin Highway to Sandberg, regardless of the status of the gates. The roadway is fragile in places and travel over the roadway in a heavy vehicle can damage the concrete and asphalt paving. Wait at least a few days after ANY rain before attempting travel and don’t drive a heavy vehicle over the roadway.

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