January 2022 Open Meeting

We are trying out something new this year. As stated in our last newsletter, we are starting to hold more regular meetings, albeit online via Zoom, to help keep everyone updated on the roadway, give presentations on various aspects of the history of the road or special features, and give time to share stories about the roadway.

For our January meeting, Michael Ballard will be sharing photos from the last two trips over the roadway showing the current state of the Ridge Route and giving an update on the status of upcoming events. Come join us on Thursday, January 20 at 6 pm!

To register, please use the link below:


January / February 2022 Newsletter

Ridge Route Update

On December 18, 2021, we went on an inspection trip over the Ridge Route to assess what the latest storms have done to the roadway. What was saw was very mixed but encouraging overall. Small rockslides were common from Serpentine Drive all the way to Sandberg. Some were a bit larger and will require tools to remove. We did remove many smaller rocks along the way and cleared the roadway to the best of our ability. Our next CUTRR event is still in the works but will involve clearing a few drains between Kelly’s and Reservoir Summit and rock removal at Serpentine Drive.

As we are in a somewhat rainy season, use extra caution when traveling the roadway. Whether the gates are open or not, do not travel the road just after or during a storm. Rockslides could trap you, the gates could be closed behind you, and you will likely damage the roadway in the process. We appreciate your support and understanding.

Rocks covering the roadway, again, at the August worksite on Serpentine Drive. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard
Eventually, we’d like to move this boulder even further. The fact it remains the largest on the road is somewhat encouraging at least. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard
Largest rockfall on Serpentine Drive, just north of the August worksite. A few hits with a hammer should break these down for removal. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard
Swede’s Cut was passable but needed a lot of work. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard
Blocked culvert near Reservoir Summit, causing material to accumulate on the roadway. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard
Between Kelly’s and the Tumble Inn. This puddle is the result of poor drainage and must be fixed. The original pavement can’t even be seen here. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard

Monthly Meetings via Zoom

We are working on putting together monthly meetings, open to the public, to talk about the Ridge Route, what is happening, future CUTRR events, and its history. There is a lot going on and things are looking positive for the Ridge Route, more than they have in the past. These meetings will be online via Zoom. We want to get more people engaged in our continuing efforts to reopen the roadway and help keep it preserved. The schedule is still being worked out, so make sure you’re subscribed to our website to stay informed. Our first meeting is likely to be held in late January.

Public Forums

In the next few months, we are planning to start an online forum on our website for the Ridge Route where you can swap stories, learn about the roadway, and share your knowledge of the roadway. These will be open to all, with some sections being for RRPO members only. Stay tuned for more details!

Website Subscription

Make sure to subscribe to our site to get updates on upcoming CUTRR events and Ridge Route news.

Reporting Problems on the Ridge Route

With all the recent fire activity as well as other events such as January 26 when big rigs tried to travel the Ridge Route, we thought it was a good idea to have a place to report things. If you see something wrong on the Ridge Route, be it a developing washout, large vehicles traversing the roadway, or things out-of-the-ordinary, we have have set up a web page to help you report things on the road. We will pass the information along to the appropriate agencies as needed.

To Report Problems or other issues on the Ridge Route, please use the website below. The web page is also located under our “Current Roadway Conditions” page in the menu.

Featured Photo

North of Reservoir Summit. Courtesy – Michael F Ballard

One of the many interesting features along the Ridge Route is the superelevated roadway. Between Reservoir Summit and Kelly’s Halfway Inn, this reaches a “fever pitch”, with the pavement acting like a warped ribbon across the mountain. It is one of my favorite sections of roadway. What is your favorite part of the road?

Ridge Route Meeting

Let’s talk! On Wednesday, July 14, 2021 at 1800 (6 pm), I will be hosting an open meeting via Zoom on the Ridge Route. We will discuss the current status of the roadway, our plans for roadwork, and answer any questions you might have about the roadway.

If you have questions about our upcoming CUTRR event, this would be a good time to do so. Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting! Make sure to register ahead of time. There is much to discuss now that we can hold in-person events again.


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